Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seven Deadly Sinners – The fire breathing Dragons

There was a man who’s name was Ire,
All he did was blow steam and fire,
He could not stand astray, be it the lazy, the cheat or the liar!
He loved his job so much, nothing else he deemed require.

One fine day he woke and found himself all alone,
He looked around and found no Jane or Joan.
He did not know whether to scream or groan.
So Ire directed his entire wrath to his own!

We all know someone at work with a short temper. There are two types of people who fall under the wrath category. The first type in this pigeonhole is the highly dramatic. They enjoy screaming and shouting (at least in seems that way). Although they tend to frighten you more, these are the lesser harmful of the two. ‘Dogs that bark do not bite’, Ok! So I used a lame dialogue from a B grade Bollywood flick! But you have to go to the coal mines to find the diamonds (ok redundancy is not a sin!). Making a public scene is almost a reason these people wake-up with a smile in the morning (it all boils down to that doesn’t it?).

The second type of wrath is the more silent but dangerous of the lot.
Almost psychopathic!
 These people fulminate inside, but don’t show it. They do not vent anger. They Pile it up and all this pent up energy then turns into a “grudge” which is held against you for the rest of your life (ok! Rest of your life in the company). Several lacerations are now dispensed in minute but significant amounts at regular intervals. (Yes! Like a chemical formula)

 There is no way of dealing with either of these personalities but to accept and live with it. But they are always fun to watch when you are not a victim of their highly extreme emotions.  

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  1. It is quite interesting and debatable. I have worked with both kinds and though I agree that the second lot is more dangerous, I have seen the first lot also make life miserable.

    Regular ranting and raving simply makes others sit and notice (though some may blow it off), you still have a group of people, who may simply listen..

    But as you say, you have to manage the best way out of both kinds