Monday, October 10, 2011

Revamping the Mundane!

I recently came across a website called (Name withheld for privacy reasons), created by a bunch of kids who call themselves “pro-leisure” and “anti-wage slavery”.  The entire concept was to come up with convincing ideas as to why the classic 9-5 calling is not the smartest idea mankind has come up with. While this thought goes really well with a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when you have no plans and reading silly ideas is the most nonpareil shtick you can think of, it doesn’t seem too pragmatic on the 31st, when those out-of-the-box ideas fail to guarantee you a constant income.

So here’s an answer to all those out there who think working for your self is a much better option than working for someone else… forever! Yes, I am by means of this supporting the fact the working for a company in a lot of ways more expedient than dominion on a business. This blog is dedicated to proving to you on a regular basis, that you are not doing the wrong thing, by waking up, dressing yourself up and dragging yourself to a place that some refer to as dungeons of slavery. The “job” has been casted down as an unprofitable, dull, flat, fruitless, futile, stale, uninspiring for the lack of better words, and I am taking up the herculean task of bringing back its glory!

!Hail Monotony!

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