Monday, October 24, 2011

#8 Ocho

I was just reading my “Exploring the International Business Environment” course book and I came across a para… (Well… it was the first para)
A famous scene in the film Lawrence of Arabia illustrates the typical managerial responses often observed when companies face an unknown or changing situation. While Lawrence and a fellow traveler rest in the desert, a tiny dot becomes visible on the horizon, growing larger as it approaches. At this stage, the horizon seems far away, but they do not know what the spectre is and their curiosity holds them. They watch, and wait. They hardly speak, they just stand there, not knowing what to do about the approaching phenomenon. Eventually, the unknown object is recognized: a man approaching on a camel. Still, the uncertainty continues, as the man’s identity is a mystery. They remain fixed, not knowing who it is or what they should do. Finally, Lawrence’s fellow traveler, suspecting that something terrible is about to happen, reaches for his revolver. Before he can lift it, the unknown man shoots him. Walking over to the body, he says: ‘He’s dead.’

Lawrence replies: ‘Yes … why?’

Though it had nothing to do with my scope of exhortation with regards to this blog, it struck me as an interesting debate to convince you people of one more point that we can give to having a job. As clear as dishwater as it is this entire para apparently tried to convey the message of ambiguity (in more ways than one for sure =P). That’s how the life of a businessman is… vague… with regards to the economy, his future, his products hell evens his employees! Those clearly mapped out daily, weekly and monthly targets don’t look so bad any more now do they?? 

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