Wednesday, October 19, 2011

# 5 Cinco

Once a batch of monkeys landed at the temple site and began playing with whatever caught their fancy. One of the monkeys saw a partly sawed log of wood and a wedge fixed in it so that it does not close up.
Curious to know what it is, the monkey began furiously tugging at the wedge. At last the wedge came off, not before trapping the legs of the monkey into the rift of the log. Very soon, not able to get his legs out of the closed wood, the monkey died. Before ridiculing my squandering efforts to keep this blog piquant, give me a chance to unravel why I opened this blog with this now seemingly, irrelevant narration. You know who these monkeys represent in the human world?

 The “jobless”

When you’re jobless, you tend to get more curious. Several great minds have already preached the aftermath of an inert mind. You don’t need one more from that pack giving you tidings of joy ;)

But as we all know Curiosity kills the cat and an idle mind is the devil’s workshop! Any person with a decent math acumen can hence conclude that not having a job not only kills you, but you also go to hell! Which sort of defies the whole “self-realization” aka “moksha” funda discussed previously (haha… told ya u have to read em all to get here!). How does this have anything to do with not being in a business you ask, well… when you go back to work tomorrow, observe what the top boss does at work.. NOTHING, they’re jobs are mostly inclined towards the thinking cogitative aspects of business, which is why they leave you to do all the doing. Trust me, they are all going to HELL! (don’t even think of giving my general manager the url of this blog).

So why rack our brain, for something that’s going to lead to no good! Let’s continue to be happy and stick to less thinking and more doing!

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!Hail Monotony!


  1. agree ... doing a job .. nice read ...

  2. but doing nothing is dependent on context .. Maybe the boss might reading up on some articles aka doing work :)

  3. @Mel... Doing nothing Productive for the company! Y do i always need to be so explicit with u??! =P

    @Ashish.. Thank you for reading!