Thursday, October 13, 2011

#3 Tres

Wow! I have never blogged for four days in a row ever before! Probably because I dint have a motive (yup I do have one this time), or probably because I dint get the encouragement I needed to keep going (I have that too this time!). So this stylus is dedicated to that special person, who reads every one of my blogs, points out every word I wrote wrong and encourages me to write more. *big hug*
Ok! The mush is now getting heavy handed, so I’m going to get right to the point.

Prate and Prattle is an imperative part of every office vigor. Although unconsciously, everyone craves a bit of bad mouthing about fellow rivals and seniors (doing that about you’re juniors too?? Real Mature!). Well my point is, although its looked down upon, every one enjoys it! Gossip is like Chocolate, No one wants to have it… but everyone craves it. Imagine you’re the big guy, you have a commodious office, with top notch executives for employees. You enter and everyone salutes and greets you. The moment you enter your cabin, the bad mouthing resumes. And guess what? Mostly about you! Its lonely at the top is an old saying, but what is written in small font, is that when you look down you can see tiny little lilliputs debasing you. No one wants that!

Someone really smart once said "Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. “(Well it was originally Eleanor Roosevelt, but it takes a smart one to quote it too!).  
But those are the smart witty ones, the ones who enjoy Frank Sinatra, Top Gear, Massimo Dutti! Not us!

So let’s just stay at the bottom, induce new gossip and grapevine into work and maintain spice in our lives!

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! Hail Monotony!

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