Tuesday, October 25, 2011

# 9 Ennia

(The below article is not by me... its by someone i look up to and have oodles of respect for! I couldn't think of a better way of wrapping this project up! Thank you Jack)

For a Grande finale I have decided to change the tempo and get back to basics … Greek numerals seemed fitting and no 9 an apt culmination of commandments (the nine muses as per the Greek mythology!) rather than the conveniently biblical no 10!  

 I have always found myself awestruck with Greeks; mythology, culture, food, and habits… What any semi-intellectual can tell you is that the origin of almost any modern English word is Greek. To me, the most remarkable Greek lingual invention is the list of phobias! Apparently, they came up with words to represent any fear you could possibly imagine, including Allodoxaphobia which stands for fear of opinions, and Papaphobia referring to fear of the pope (which is very understandable for a Greek!).

What strikes me odd is the fact that a populace of gay lovers who invented a list of phobias managed to rule half of the globe for many centuries, and still had the time to come up with the longest acknowledged stories in known history and pass it on through generations!  How did they do that!? THEY HAD DAY JOBS! Whether it was soldiery, farming, prostitution… they rode (literally for the later!) their day jobs and listened to good old Homer later at night!   Think of Spartans and Athenians! Ancient civilizations that shaped the world of today… Each individual knew exactly what his/her role was and they worked in tandem!

Another great Greek culturist accomplishment was the salad! A superb recipe of lettuce, vegetables, and light feta cheese, with a boring vinaigrette dressing! You can see the CHEESE, you can taste the CHEESE, you can enjoy the CHEESE, but you can still have it for dinner and sleep like a baby! Comparing that to the extra cheesy roman pasta recipes, you might start getting my point (or not, so I will spoonfeed!). Try having macaroni and cheese for dinner! Italian CHEESE makes you insomniac, but that doesn’t matter when you are Italian coz you do not have to wake up in the morning! You can be 35 with big dreams driving your daddy’s Alfa Romeo and planning to open your deli or shoe store and never have to work again for CHEESE!

Back to lingual, Insomnia is derived from another phobia, Somniphobia! Unsurprisingly, this is the only phobia that was not originated by the Greeks, rather by Romans referring to Somnus, the Roman god of sleep.
For all medicinal laymen, it is worth noting that the long term downbeat effects of Insomnia have been scientifically proven to be deteriorating to your health and general wellbeing!    

In a nutshell, stick to your day jobs, enjoy your CHEESE (the kind that makes you sleep at night), and sleep with the gods of Olympus smiling down at you!

If you want to sleep at night, send your CVs to

All hail Zeus!

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