Sunday, October 23, 2011

# 7 Siete

So advancing the mise-en-scene of “heart breaks”, here’s a more obvious advantage of being in a job as opposed to being in a business!

The human mind works in odd ways. The more taboo a certain act is considered, the more the mind is ambushed towards contesting it. In this instance the taboo would be office romance. Having crushes at your workplace is more than habitual. Considering you spend 50% of your day there (and the other 50% worrying about it), it would be odd if you weren’t attracted to someone or the other at some point of time.

But what happens when the crush is mutual? It leads to an affair. And as the Murphy’s Law holds, a break-up is almost certain (call me a pessimist… But I have my statistics in place!). Distance makes the heart fonder but absence makes the heart wander! The best way to get over a break up is to avoid eye contact (or in some cases vocal contact)! Now the situation gets extremely awkward if you’re working together and you have to look at each other for official reasons.
Having a job gives you an extra edge here… Coz you can just quit and go look for another job. What will you do if you own the business? Fire your ex (you apathetic creep?)? Close the business down? All these sound to me like ivory tower options that in most cases cannot be carried out at ease!

So go out there and have an affair to remember! Coz you always have an exit strategy!! ;)

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  1. Exit strateggy! ....LOL....
    Nice read.

  2. ;) Thanx!

    Interesting Name you have there!!