Sunday, October 23, 2011

#6 Seis

Notice how so many people keep going on and on about being heart-broken these days? To me the entire concept of clichéd sad love songs, ice cream and romantic movies seems extremely corny and unoriginal! If you were actually “heart-broken” you’d be DEAD! So wake up, get real and MOVE ON!

Most of us have had experiences in break-ups! You’ve definitely been at the receiving end in most cases, and at the giving end in some apparently fortunate cases. Well the moment of delivering the news is probably the most tormenting of the entire process. Firing someone from a job can be considered an utterly similar course, if not more painful.

 If you’re the owner, more often than not, you’ll have to do the “dirty job” of firing someone at some point or the other. Then there’s a lot of cursing and drama that follows! And all you can possibly do is nod your head in agreement or throw in an “I understand”, the remotest negativity can get you labeled an “apathetic fool” all your life (at least until your business lasts – considering ur firing people doesn’t seem like you have a lifetime anyways).

So keeping it really short and simple this time… Coz the frontal lobe of the extremely unique brain is in a bit of a cacophony today, You’d rather get fired and move on to better things, that fire people and bear the burden of the bad omen that might befall upon thy… you (got carried away)!

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!Hail Monotony!

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