Sunday, October 16, 2011

#4 Cuatro

In my part of the world the weekend was rounded off today. It feels really odd to come to work, when the rest of the world is putting up statuses (notice what the world has come to, and how the need to ask “whatsup?” has been completely eliminated) on how they are all snug as a bug in a rug and how they cannot think of going to work tomorrow? Well, we in this part of the terrene, we live one day in future, well, at least in terms of mojo (or the lack of it).

Talking about motivation, my fourth reason to lure you towards a job is just that! We’ve all heard about the a famous psychological supposition of Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs (and I’m pretty sure those who haven’t are googling it right about now…). Well, Uncle Maslow clearly set for us various levels of motivation (diagram below), that having a decent job fulfills at its respective elevations in due time in its precise manner.

Maslow's Theory of Hierarchy of Need's (Dizzee bee style)

Business people defy this theory hands down! Their catalysts begin and end at money which in an employee’s world is only a peripheral concept that is fulfilled in the first month itself. Too much of anything is never good! A businessman doesn’t care about safety and security, living on risks comes as a part of his “job description”. No one loves their boss, love and affection are out of the question too! How much respect and appreciation can you give a boss??! And if he had the want or need to “self-actualize” (which is the purpose of our whole blog in the first place) he’d be at his 9-5 right now! And not worrying about “decent numbers” at the end of the last quarter!

So if you’re considering business, for earning money, why not get a job, fulfill it at the mount and move on to deeper things!

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  1. you haven't lured me to my job , but you have confused me enough to get through the week :)

  2. Dear Mel...
    When in confusion and doubt... Run in circles, scream and shout! (Read: reread the daym blog)

  3. oh and p.s. if i confused you... i guess it just goes to say... Im just as "incoherent" as you! :)